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Let’s get messy story time

When I first started at my current library branch a few months ago, I wanted to follow my predecessor’s footsteps and continue with preschool story time. I drafted elaborate story time plans with very specific themes and was very matchy-matchy about each selection and then I realized most of the kids coming to our preschool story time, which is focused on kids aged 3-5, were mostly in the toddler age range, and so I had to change gears and make story time less formal and more toddler-appropriate. This storytime was the result of that change.


Pete the cat – I love my white shoes by Dean and Litwin
This is the quintessential getting messy & being okay with it book. The kids love it, and I enjoy it, though I am nonplussed by all the various new iterations of Pete the Cat.

Dog’s colorful day by Emma Dodd – with flannel board!
I started using this book for sensory story times with school aged kids, and then later discovered how much fun it was for toddlers, especially when read in tandem with the felt board. Kids of all ages love helping to splash dog with various colored dots and “giving him a bath” at the end when we pretend to scrub him clean.

Pigeon needs a bath by Mo Willems


I made a Pigeon puppet out of a wooden spoon and felt and combinedĀ it with what Pigeon sounds like in my head: a cranky old man. It goes over very well!

Ain’t gonna paint no more by Karen Beaumont
I sing this one. Beaumont’s illustrations are full of wonderful kinetic energy but I think the book may be better suited for a pre-k group.


My eyes are made for seeing

Popcorn kernels scarf song by Jbrary
I use this scarf song for baby story time but I’m learning that the toddlers love the scarves, too! This song ended with many games of peek-a-boo.

This is the way we wash our hands
I like to sing this one towards the end of story time after we’re done getting messy.