About Katie Eckert

Katie, also known as Kate among friends, is a children’s librarian, all-around art person/craftsperson with a penchant for drawing and fiber arts, occasional voice actor, cyclist, and LARPer/RPG gamer. She lives in South Philadelphia with her partner, their son, and two cats.

“Kate, the tattooed librarian, is eminently qualified to tell your child what to read. Her respectable education aside, the fabulous musculature in her upper body signals to the sassiest young reader that here is a woman to obey. In her spare time she engages in various charitable pursuits, including pitying the fool. She chose librarianship over a life of crime because “Working in the public libraries seemed like a more exciting and frankly higher-risk occupation. It’s hero’s work. I feel obligated by my Gallifreyan blood to do it.” -Josie



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