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Picturebook review – Hector and Hummingbird by Nicholas John Frith



booksniffer1The story is one that most school-aged children with siblings and grown ups can relate to: one person is trying to relax in peace & quiet and another (smaller/younger?) person won’t leave them be because they have no idea they are bothering the other. This would be a great one-on-one read with someone who is perhaps learning to play with others who are different, entering school, or a dealing younger sibling.

I am a sucker for these vintage style tri-color illustrations in picture books. The book, end papers, gutters, and all, are well designed and Frith’s lush illustrations have an eye catching appeal and are evocative of a kinetic jungle environment. The nighttime scene is particularly effective with its teals, greys, and pinks.

The only question I have is- why does the bear, Hector, have a proper name while Hummingbird does not? Most children know what a bear is but hummingbirds are a big more obscure, could that be it?